Paradise Lost: First Contact

In a remote desert, an unidentified object falls from the skies. A research organization known as G.E.R. has tracked and found the mysterious meteor: a capsule of organic material that brings an unknown life-form to our planet from the depths of space. Here begins the story of this impossible being, as it attempts to escape and survive on this strange, hostile world that we call home.



In Paradise Lost you will take control of an alien plant that has been captured and concealed in a secret bio-engineering facility. A security breach in the system allows the plant to escape from imprisonment and discover the secret purposes of the research organization which put it in a jar.

Our adventure takes inspiration from classic games like Metal Gear, Metroid, Castlevania and the Oddworld series, focusing on action/stealth gameplay with a dash of platforming and puzzle-solving elements.

The game incorporates nonlinear, Metroidvania style mechanics, in which the player at first finds many areas inaccessible. To continue the exploration and escape from the facility, the player has to use specific objects and unlock new abilities.

There is also an RPG component: during the course of playing the player gets to direct the evolution of the alien plant, adapting it to their playing style with different skills that will be discovered as the game progresses. These enhancements will allow players to develop their own gaming strategies as the story unfolds.


Paradise Lost: First Contact - Skills



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